Given my enthusiasm for EFE's wonderful model of the AEC STL-Class it's strange that I never had one of the models without roofbox before. So, here it is, as nice as the other STLs in my collection.

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Corgi's OOC model of the AEC Routemaster is fabulous - at least I think so - and it was also released in a 1980s livery with white roundel and nice period adverts for "tomorrow's way to roast" - a microwave oven. A terrific model with great interior detail.

A click on the small pic will show the larger shots.
Corgi have also done an open-top AEC Routemaster in the pretty livery of Arriva's "Original Tour" sightseeing company. As good as the other Routemasters from the OOC series but without the lovely seat moquette (which is correct). The printing of the livery is excellent.

And here is another AEC Routemaster. This time it's the nice refurbished RM1933 of Bow Garage which carried a commemorative livery for the 75th anniversary of London Transport and the anniversary of Bow Garage. A nicely done EFE models which features the rear light clusters and bright yellow grab rails of the refurbished Routemasters.
EFE have modelled a Leyland Olympian in the livery of London Sovereign, a vehicle used for relief or replacement services. The basic casting might be debatable but the detailing is very good and the quality of all printing is very impressive - as usual.
The second London livery for EFE's nicely done Dennis Dart SLF with Plaxton Pointer II bodywork is the plain red variation of Metrobus. While the first model did not have any mirrors fitted (and therefore looked a bit basic) this one does have very fine mirrors. I do doubt, however, that the driver would be able to check his offside mirror in reality...
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