Georg Hämel : Gestaltung
My business website. I am a freelance web- and graphic designer
This is the website dedicated to my wife's horse, Taglioni (called Tango). If my buses deserve a website so does this fine animal which is an important part of our family.
Grenadierzug Knapp bei Kasse
The website of my friends in the "Schützenzug". It's mainly about having fun and lots of beer ... ;-)
auto & modell
A webzine on car models I started in 2007. It's in German but if you're interested in model cars it might be worth a visit :)
Diecast Buses Interactive
The hub of the biggest model bus community on the internet founded by the late Gerry Brown. Here you get access to the diecast buses interactive Yahoo Group, the dbi Newsboard with weekly newsletters and lots of links and information.
World Wide Model Buses
founded by Pete Brookes. A very friendly and informative model bus collecting community and a fantastic source of information. Highly recommendable!
British Model Buses
by Gareth Jones
The UK's best website for news and information primarily about 1/76th scale British Model Buses produced by ABC Models, Corgi OOC, Creative Master Northcord, Collectors Model, EFE and Peak Horse.
EFE Zone & OOC Zone
by Kevin Ellis
The largest and best database available for EFE models, every model is illustrated with photographs - a must for every EFE enthusiast. Kevin has even managed to give the same excellent attention to Corgi OOC models on his OOC Zone site, highly recommended!
Rüdiger Schreiber's website offers the best information on model buses in German language. A fantastic site!
Bob's Model Collection
Bob Collier has a wonderful scenic railway layout on which he made very atmospherical photos of his model bus collection - including some nice London buses. Well worth a visit!
Peter van der Reest's bus information and bus modelling site
A dutch bus enthusiast who builds excellent models of continental buses and coaches. Don't miss his modelling section under "busmodelbouw"! The site is in dutch language. Also loads of information on the "real things"!
The Model Bus Federation
The world's biggest model bus club, unfortunately huge parts of their site are now for members only. Well, joining might be a good idea ...
London Buses and Replica Transfers
Nigel Mitchell offers a wide range of transfers and accessories for the requirements of London bus modellers.
Corgi Classics
Producers of 1/50 scale bus models and the 1/76 scale Original Omnibus Company series
Exclusive First Editions
Producers of 1/76 scale bus models in excellent quality
The Little Bus Company
They produce very nice resin bus models in 00 scale, including some London types.
Kingsway Models
John Howe's excellent card kits of London Transport garages, stations and many other interesting buildings suitable for LT area dioramas and layouts.
London´s Transport Museum
The official website of probably the best transport museum in the world with special online exhibitions.
Ian´s Bus Stop
by Ian Smith
A not too serious look on London´s buses from the 30´s up to the 80´s with detailed information on the different classes. A brilliant site!
Toby and John's Transport History
by Toby and John King
Step back in time, to when central buses were red, Country area buses were green and all buses had conductors...
London Bus Routes
by Ian Armstrong
A huge database of London bus routes with route histories and photos.
by David Bradley
The history of London Transport trolleybuses and their routes illustrated with lots of very good photos.
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