This section of the site will be devoted to very special topics concerning London bus models and my collection and will be used to explore certain topics a bit further than it is possible in the gallery section. It will not be regularly updated, only when new topics come up that I would like to feature in this section. Here is also the space for showing things in more detail that you, the visitors, would like to know a bit more about or would like to see in more detail. I am open for every suggestion! Please send them to me via e-mail to

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London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend 2006

I have just realized that I have not posted a link to my photos of the 2006 LT Museum Depot "LT in miniature" weekend which took place in March. As always there were fantastic displays on show. The vehicle area was crammed full because of the closure of the Covent Garden museum. All in all another highly enjoyable visit. Click on the image, the gallery opens in a new window.
London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend 2007

The last Depot Open Weekend before the London Transport Museum will open again in autumn this year was a very enjoyable event, even though there were not many new things to see modelwise. I nevertheless have put some shots from Acton together, maybe you'll enjoy these! Click on the image, the gallery will open in a new window.
London's new Transport Museum

After a very comprehensive refurbishment and redesign London's Transport Museum was opened for the public again in late 2007. I have been very impressed with the new museum concept which now includes more background detail of the different time periods and some very inspiring visions of the future of public transport. A gallery will open when you click on the image.
London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend 2008

Many new layouts were on display at the 2008 "London's transport in miniature" Open Weekend. I was especially fascinated and amused by a small layout featuring working horse trams - but there were many other nice model layouts to be seen. It was well worth the visit, once again. Click on the image, the gallery will open in a new window.
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